Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Create Web Service Proxy in ESB

We will be using WSO2 ESB as our enterprise service bus. We're using WSO2 ESB because of its simplicity and even eBay uses it to process their transactions which is over 1 billion transaction a day. And most of all, its open source.

You can read all about their features from the website. http://wso2.com/products/enterprise-service-bus/ 

Installation & Running
1. Extract the wso2esb-4.0.2.zip and go to the extracted directory
2. Run the wso2server.sh or wso2server.bat as appropriate

Wait until you got to this sentence :

INFO - StartupFinalizerServiceComponent WSO2 Carbon started in 

3. Point your favourite browser to

4. Use the following username and password to login

    username : admin
    password : admin

5. Click on the left menu : Manage  Web Services  Add  Proxy Service.

6. Select WSDL Based Proxy.

Copy our WSDL URI that we have created before. 
If your confuse about the WSDL Service and Port, Don’t be !
Just open the browser and open our WSDL URI once again, and scroll down to the bottom and you will have your answers.

Next just make sure you select the Publish Same Service Contract option, and we're done. Click Create.

Congratulations, you just create a Web Service Proxy on ESB.

We were given TWO services address by the ESB, 

Now lets get back to our Deployed Service page, and click our service the HrmsService .

And Click on Security.

Lets choose the Advance Scenario Number 8. You can always choose other Security Scenario, and see how that works for you.

Number 8 requires a Username and a certificate to be available. Lets just use what is already available in WSO2 ESB.

Click Finish.

Congratulations. We now have a secured Web Service handled completely by the ESB.

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